Custom Music for Media

Jared Borkowski


5 Minute Demo Reel

  • 0:00 – client request: Colombian rock
  • 0:15 – podcast: theme song for Healthy Homecast
  • 0:39 – client request: instrumental Frank Ocean sound-a-like
  • 1:00 – client request: pop/rock featuring pentatonic melodies
  • 1:17 – action sequence: soundtrack inspired by binge watching Breaking Bad
  • 1:39 – mood piece: heroic
  • 1:57 – mood piece: playful
  • 2:16 – video game: boss level music for Break the Bank
  • 2:31 – client request: back-porch country
  • 2:50 – client request: Miami/Cuban dance party
  • 3:07 – client request: uplifting indie/folk
  • 3:24 – podcast: soundtrack piece
  • 3:37 – mood piece: love scene
  • 3:57 – mood piece: cyborg
  • 4:18 – video game: menu music for Break the Bank
  • 4:35 – mood piece: confident


I compose, record, produce, and engineer original music for media platforms.

My background includes composition, songwriting, electronic music production, audio engineering, professional guitar playing, classical performance, pop/rock/experimental performance, jazz improvisation, independent record label management, singing, teaching, podcast production, and unicycling.

With an eclectic taste and a knack for composing original music that matches a desired sound or genre, combined with dexterous skills in guitar and audio production, I specialize in delivering custom content of commercial quality.

I’m a musician/artist with an endless well of creativity and inspiration who is always excited to work on new music.

Recent Credits & Clients

TV Networks:

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Music and Sound Design for Interactive Media Award (IMA) winning educational video game, Break the Bank, in collaboration with Engine Interactive and Biz Kids (creators of Bill Nye the Science Guy).


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